It is estimated that cats sleep anywhere from 16 to 20 hours per day. 

This means that a cat may be sleeping up to two-thirds of the time on any given day. Above all other places, cats like to sleep on mats and carpets because they feel soft and comfortable under their paws. 

Cats also like to sleep in warm and sheltered areas such as under tables, behind sofas or inside cupboards. It’s hard to know why cats sleep so much. 

However, some theories have been proposed for a reason behind their long naps. 

This blog post will answer the question, “Why do cats sleep so much?” in detail.

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The science behind why cats sleep so much

The theories for why cats sleep so much include:  

Cats can be deprived of sleep.

Some cats sleep more than others. This is because it can be possible that a cat cannot sleep more than eight hours in a row without interruption. 

Therefore, any cat owner who believes their cat is sleeping more than usual, but may not have a medical reason for this, may need to get a veterinary health check to ensure the cat is not suffering from sleep deprivation. 

Pet sleep patterns can vary. 

A particular spot is associated with sleep. 

Some sleep in one area in the house, while others sleep everywhere. Some cats like to sleep on a mattress, while others prefer an area that is more comfortable and supportive to sleep on. 

Some cats sleep in a nest made from their favourite toys, while others sleep on a folded towel.

Cats are lazy 

One of the best known and most popular theories about why cats sleep so much is that cats sleep because they are lazy. The idea is that cats would rather sleep than play or do anything else, so they will just sleep until they are feeling well-rested.

But this theory isn’t really backed up by science. Rather than being lazy, cats are actually very active animals. We know this from their exhaustive and curious hunting and predator-like behaviours.

So, while it’s true that most cats will sleep for longer than most other mammals, cats are also active animals that can be energetic and curious as well as sleep. 

In other words, there’s no real need for cats to sleep as much as they do.

How cats sleep

Although it’s obvious, we still don’t fully understand why cats sleep as much as they do. 

The amount of sleep that cats do is usually less than that of humans. 

This is primarily because they have a much shorter life expectancy than humans (around ten years) and because cats are kept in better conditions and have higher living standards. 

More and more evidence is emerging that cats sleep a lot because of their diet. 

Although cat food contains vitamins and proteins that help absorb sleep, more research is being conducted into the role of our bodies in absorbing sleep. 

It’s thought that cats need to eat high-fat diets because this directly affects the state of their muscles and brain.

Where cats sleep

It is estimated that cats sleep anywhere from 16 to 20 hours per day. 

This means that a cat may be sleeping up to two-thirds of the time on any given day. 

Cats prefer to sleep either on the floor or in a sleeping bag. 

It’s estimated that they spend around half their time sleeping and the rest of the time relaxing. 

How long do cats sleep? 

Cats tend to sleep for around 18 hours per day. However, they will sometimes sleep for longer or shorter periods. They tend to go to sleep in the early morning and wake up around the same time the following day. They also sleep in short bursts throughout the day. 

How do cats sleep? 

Cats tend to take a few naps throughout the day. This is partly to keep themselves active and alert.

Why do cats sleep so much?

There are many reasons why cats sleep so much. 

Sleep may play an essential role in their daily life, allowing them to rest, recharge, and feel safe. Perhaps most significantly, cats sleep so much because they sleep in specific situations. 

Many cats nap in the same place every night, such as the back of a sofa. 

It is implausible that any cat would sleep somewhere else because the other options are much riskier. It is much easier to keep the cats safe and sound on their sofa than in a different position. 

Cats and human beings

Cat owners will no doubt be used to the idea that cats love to sleep. 

However, it is often not that easy to see why they need to sleep so much. Cats do have a reason for wanting to sleep so much. 

Cats, in general, need a lot of sleep since they spend a lot of time thinking and playing. Unlike dogs, they do not have a biological need to sleep during the day. 

A cat’s brain is divided into two parts. The “upper” part is responsible for thinking, while the “lower” part is used for simple manual actions such as grooming. Cats cannot move their eyes in a horizontal plane. Therefore, they have to rely on their “upper” brain for all of their thinking and processing.


There are many theories why cats sleep so much, but what’s for sure is that they’re likely to sleep much more than your dog.

However, the main reason cats sleep so much is probably because they’re are nocturnal. Cats need a lot of sleep to keep up with the demands of an active day.

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