Do you every lovingly stare at your cat while she’s fast asleep, or is it just me? 

Cats sleep an average of fifteen hours per day! Don’t you wish that you had the luxury to sleep as much as your furry little bundle of joy? 

In this blog post, we’ll address the question, “Why do cats sleep so much?” in as much detail as we can. 

Let’s start!

Cats Are Active During the Night 

Most cat owners have been woken up rather rudely in the middle of the night by their cat who won’t stop meowing. 

Cats are most active between dusk and dawn. 

So, while you’re fast asleep, your kitty is active and full of energy. By the time you wake up, it is time for your kitty to wind down. 

Conserving Energy 

Cats are natural predators. 

In the wild, cats mostly stay up at night to hunt and sleep during the day to conserve energy. Hunting prey takes a lot of energy, so it is essential to conserve energy for a cat. 

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  1. My cats sleep with us during the night. We are never woken by them. When the alarm goes off at 6am the cats wake with us for the day!

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