You won’t hear any continuous meowing or noise of your cat during the day. But every time you switch off the lights to go to bed; your cat starts meowing. Why? Below are some of the issues that you might take into consideration.

Stressed and lonely

Your cat behaves lie an owl. Cats spend the rest of the day sleeping or resting. During the night it will be energetic and wide awake. However, everyone will be asleep to entertain it. Your cat starts meowing for attention because it will be lonely and stressed.


It is cat’s nature to meow when they are mating. Mating causes some discomfort.


Your cat might meow at night due to hunger. Hunger can make it uncomfortable and anxious. 

Disease alert

Your cat might be not feeling well and meowing at night might be a result of pain or uncomforted caused by disease. Kidney disease may make your cat meow at night. 

How do I stop my cat from meowing at night?

Let’s take a look at a few things you can do to keep your kitty from meowing at night: 

  1. You can take your cat to the vet so to be checked of any health problems that might make it meow at night
  2. You can play a radio at night so that when it wakes it hears some sounds. It can be effective in calming down the nervous and lonely cat.
  3. You may consider putting the cat’s bed closer to your bed so that it may feel secure when it is closer to you. 
  4. Play with your cat during the day so that it gets satisfied with entertainment. You can also feed it late in the evening so that it doesn’t get hungry at night.  
  5. If you have a female and a male cat living together, you may consider neutering them to avoid meowing at night and pregnancy results.
  6. You may consider having its bed next to yours at night, so that it doesn’t get lonely.

Does your cat keep you up at night? How do you deal with it? Let us know in the comments section. 

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