We all know that puppies need to be socialised in order to become good, well-balanced dogs, right? 

But, did you know that kittens also need to be socialised? 

In this blog post, I’ll go over a few reasons why you should be socialising your kitten! 

Let’s get started… 

Following are the reasons why you should socialise your new kitten: 

Do you have any more tips for our readers? Share them with us in the comments section… 

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  1. I got my first cat from a family friend at 5 weeks old. We thought it was too young to be separated from his mother and siblings. We made sure that we gave him lots of hugs, Kisses and affection. It also didn’t hurt that he was exposed to family and friends coming to visit. He is 6 months old now and he has turned into a very mild mannered and friendly cat. Last Saturday, we adopted a female kitten that is 12 weeks old. And with his mild temperament, she took a liking to him and they are inseparable!!

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