Wondering why your cat always brings you dead animals? 

Well, the reason for that is really heartwarming. 

Would you like to find out? 

First off, I’d like to say that cats have an undeniably strong hunting instinct. Over the years, a large population of cats has been domesticated and this population doesn’t really need to worry about going hungry.


So, it is easy for us to assume that the cat just likes the game. 

But, that’s not the reason why your kitty brings you dead animals. 

Cats see their humans as “unprofessional hunters” and really don’t want them to go hungry. So, they bring them food to: 

  1. Teach them how to hunt
  2. As a present

So, don’t scold your kitty for bringing you dead mice! She loves you and that’s what matters most. 

Just accept the gift (and bury it!) 

Did you know this before? Let me know in the comments section! 

3 Responses

  1. I knew about why cats bring you dead animals. One of my cats brought me a HUGE dead rat for my birthday. I was having a b day party and he dropped it on the front lawn in front of our huge living room window and meowed REALLY loud. I saw the rat and told my husband to get rid of it. Then praised my kitty and continued with our party. It was really funny.

  2. I did know this, however one morning when I started to make my bed I had quite a shock! When I pulled back the sheets to find a huge dead rat, I really thought my cat loved me too much!

  3. Yes I did know this but I enjoy the gifts. Fortunately for me my kitty brings her mouse toys, yowling her head off to let me know she’s got a surprise for me.

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