Do you constantly find your cat scratching your furniture, trying to climb or fit into it?

It’s natural, just one of the tendencies of your feline friend.

Sitting still is not great for your curious, impulsive cat. It needs stimulation and movement and this need has been long identified and taken care of by the experts, by providing a solution.

A cat tree.

And we have the solution for your curiosity about Cat Tree and its relevance in your cat’s life.

This amazing blog post!

Read on to find solutions to all your queries.

What is A Cat Tree?

A Cat Tree is one structure that your cat can use for many of its need. This section of the blog post will help you understand better.

Also known as Cat Condo or Cat Tower, Cat Trees have various structural features like slopes, shelves, boxes, stairs, etc that can help with various cat activities from scratching, exercising, playing to relaxing and sleeping!

Cat trees vary in height and difficulty and cater to different cat preferences.

Some cats prefer tall trees that can help them to keep a watch over their ‘territory’ over comfortable ones, while others prefer trees that provide them a secluded, sheltered corner for their ‘me’ time.

These are composed of solid, sustainable materials like wood or plank and are generally carpeted with a softer material.

Abrasive materials like sisal ropes are commonly used to cover elevators and some exclusive corners to induce scratching. This saves the rest of the tree from wear and tear that scratching can cause.

Cat Trees provide for that sturdy furniture that will not only be there for your cat but also be interactive, engaging them in activities throughout the day, creating a corner of their own.

Advanced versions of cat trees can be very interesting and their types include wall mounting enabled, luxury cat trees and personalized ones.

Why Does Your Cat Need A Cat Tree?

This section of the blog post will highlight the benefits of having a Cat Tree in your furry purry friend’s life!

Cats are not as social as dogs and hence, there will come a point where the human company will start bothering it. Cats love to have their personal space, a territory rather that they can call their own, one that even humans can’t use.

This psychological need for cats can be best met by gifting them a cat tree where they can not only brood, rest and sleep but also have fun!

Exciting versions of cat trees allow cats to have the necessary stimulation that their body and mind needs.

Interactive cat trees can make the cat pretty active and can keep it engaged for long periods, which is ideal when you are not around but still concerned.

Besides territory, entertainment and exercise, these cat trees can also serve as an ideal way for multiple cats to be at peace with each other.

Although cats don’t like sharing, cat trees have several levels or perches and each cat can mark their own territory and exist in peace.

A very important reason to get a Cat Tree for your pet is if your cat is timid or anxious. Cat Trees give them a sense of safety and security as there, they can be away from unfamiliar creatures and scents.

They can also have a clear view of its surrounding from the top and this makes your cat feel in control!

The Purrfect Cat Tree for Your Little One

Due to the unbelievable variety available, you need to know your cat first.

What kind of interactive tree does your cat want?

Does it only need a space to brood and scratch or does it need a structure to put its compulsive behavior to use?

Choose the ideal furniture according to your cat’s age, weight, and activity level. Make sure the perches and ladders are able to hold your cat’s weight and your ball of fur can fit into those interesting caves and holes.

That’s it. Be ready to see your cat thrilled!

How do you think having a cat tree has helped your cat? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section!

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  1. Caring for cats and providing the right stimulus and security can prove to be challenging. I have had a few cat trees over the years and I’ve seen that each cat is different. I have 2 male cats co-existing with a female dog. As you stated, the cat tree needs to address the needs of that particular cat and the conditions the cat faces, like the dog. When you have more than one that can be difficult, but there are trees that can address those differences.

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