Help stray-cats to find a new home and make the world a better place!

We own cats & dogs ourselves and since love animals, we are more than happy to introduce you to the Nonprofit-Organization “Cat Care Riga” – who tries to make the world a better place, trying to rescue and pet stray cats and make them find a new home and get them a shelter, love and security. Everything what they deserve!
We are happy to announce our partnership with this organization and mainly help them to raise awareness and attract attention to their page by sharing their content, events and actions, in order for more people to donate for a cause, where never enough money is spent on. 

If you are a kind soul and you want to help cats in need in Latvia Riga, you can send your donation here:

The two lovely women that run the organization, to give them a face and identity:

Just keep reading down below and you will get to know what this organization is actually about and what achievements they have already made.

A proof that we live up to our words and do really donate to them. Here is one of their latest Facebook shares where they say thank you to us for our donations that we are regularly doing. 🙂

Update 18th April 2019. See Anastasia, the head of our partner, promoting her cause in an exhibition in Latvia.

We are sending another $200 on 21.12.2022,  as part of our donation program

Update 1st August 2022 – Donating another $250 into their PayPal account

Our partner gave us a big shoutout for sending them $200. 🙂

Update 3. January 2018 – See our partner in action!


Update 1. September 2017:

We received our official certificate by our partner organization Cat Care Riga / Cat Care Community. We are proud and happy to help and are incredibly stoked to be officially certified. :))))

A clear proof that we are living up to what we are saying:

Cat Care Riga – What is this Organization about?

The Cat Care Community is the cat protector organization made to share your love, spirit and mind about the cats! 

The main mission of the project is to help homeless and abandoned animals and to raise awareness of their suffering, by this way to facilitate a positive attitude towards cats! We are here to improve lives of cats and to develop their welfare and behavior. 

We share information and news about animal care, feeding, health.

You can advertise and share your publications, photos, news or some useful information about cats in our page! 

Contact details:

Twitter: @CatCareCom



Project: Secret Lives Of Street Cats In Riga

There are a lot of cats living on the street all over the world. And, one of the European city, Riga is not an exception. There are hundreds of feral cats. One of the local cat care non-profit organization decided to show the world street cats who deserve our love, care and attention.

Cat Care Community has spent the last year making the photos and helping street cats find real loving home. Photographing cats has been the main key to bringing the world that each of the cat has a story to tell.

Cat Care Community has spent the last year making the photos and helping street cats find real loving home. Photographing cats has been the main key to bringing the world that each of the cat has a story to tell.

Starter Kits

Cat Care Community offer free start kits: cat food and toys. Little PRESENT for adopted cats and owners – start kit and new warm home! The starter kit is designed as a support for the people who take or adopt homeless cats and kittens. Hill‘s Pet Nutrition helps us to provide starter kits to new owners.

You can apply for a starter kit or help us make more starter kits! We are always looking for cat food and toys.

We would appreciate each help!

Red Cat is looking for a new home

Some time ago he was a home cat, but his owners decided that they did not need red cat.

He is very sweet, 5 years old. He can use the cat toilet and is in good and healthy shape. 🙂 

Now he is in Riga. If cat got into your heart, please contact Zanda, tel. +37129386986

Little kitten seeking shelter who was found on Valentines day

A small, lovely and very special Lovella is looking for owners who will take care of her said Zanda Indriksone. Lovella was found on 14 February or on Valentine’s Day, so named for Lovella. In addition, kitten has only one eye, and girl Zanda is now taking care of her.

As told Zanda, she found a small Lovella, catching other cats, but she could not just go away, because Lovella has problems with the eye. 

“Kitten is two and a half month old, very lovely. The beautiful Lovella has lost her eye because of the virus, but it does not prevent her look at the world with the joyful and grateful glance.”

Spending just few days at temporary home, Lovella became lovely, playing, eating well and purr, and attends the box. Now it is time to drink vitamins. ” says Zanda.

Kitten is looking for new owners who are  or afraid of a special kittens, because she can have a little more to take care of her health. The little darling will be a great pet loving and caring. If you can become an owner of Lovella or help with medical treatment, contact Zanda (+371 29386986).

So if it breaks your heart as much as it does ours, that yet so many cats are suffering by living under disastrous conditions on the streets, having no home, no food, no love and nothing that makes living worthwhile, you should make a donation. “I am starting with the man in the mirror” – so did Michael Jackson say and so should you do…

Contact us on but better do contact them straight as followed:

Twitter: @CatCareCom