18k Gold & Silver Plated Rhinestone Cat Ring


Be lavish and lush with Gold and Silver and apply it richly with one of these delightful and high-quality forged cat rings, made of 18k Gold or Silver plated.

The purry kitten likes to twist and wrap his tail around your finger and exposing it’s sublime bright shining rhinestones right off it’s tail.

Suits numerous outfits but this ring is definitely meant to reflect your classy side and the part of your personality , that is highly into the beloved, high-valued metals, like Gold & Silver and of course, it’s showing your sincere dedication for cats!

It’s the best complementary ring that goes with this lush 18k Gold & Platinum Plated Rhinestone Cat Necklace => https://www.freakypet.com/products/18k-gold-platinum-plated-rhinestone-cat-necklace


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