Catzilla T-Shirt


The world is in awe and shock and terrified of the horrific CATZILLA, who wanna destroy the world and cause the apocalypse to happen. Ok… That was just what the media had reported.

CATZILLA is in fact really harmless black cat, who was a victim of a failed lab experiment and just came out very humongous. She just wanna play, but, rather than with balls and yarn, with helicopters and houses and tiny cuddly hoomins. : D

This T-Shirt available in a total of ten colors to give a variety of different looks, from the classical restraint of black and Vegas gold to the proud boldness of orange and red with light pink, iris, lime and purple sitting in between. All colors are available in sizes S to 6XL.

😽 100% cotton
😽 Designed & Printed In The 🇺🇸
😽 This Tee Ships Out In 2 Business Days.
😽 Purrfect Gift For Cat Lovers 

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