Cute Cat Night Light Alarm Clock



1. Multifunctional Alarm Clock: It is both an alarm clock and a night light, and also a timer.
2. Night light has two colors, you can freely switch between cold light and warm light. The brightness of the night light can be adjusted by rotating the tail
3. When the alarm is ringing, shake the alarm clock to enter the 5 minutes of snooze mode, up to 3 snooze, press any button to close the alarm clock that day
4. Turn the bottom up, it will automatically display the time, and the screen will automatically go off after one minute
5. Click the “moon” button to open the night light, click again to switch the light color, long press the “moon” button to switch the 12/24-hour system
6. Turn the tail to adjust the time and the brightness of the night light
7. Countdown (60 minutes) can be set for different occasions, so that the time allocation is more reasonable, do not worry about missing time
8. Highly efficient energy saving, a big leap in battery life, daily use can be up to a month without power. Charging 3 hours, can standby 720 hours

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