Demon Doodle Cat Plush Toy


A unique blend of cuteness and wickedness! This devilishly adorable plush toy is designed to add a touch of spookiness to your Halloween or gothic-themed celebrations. With its devil horn and an intricately embroidered crisscross pattern on its belly, this plush toy embodies both charm and mischief.

Crafted with attention to detail, the Demon Doodle Cat features soft, plush fabric that’s irresistibly huggable. Its devil horn adds a playful twist, making it stand out from ordinary plush toys. The embroidered crisscross design on its belly adds an element of mystery, as if this mischievous feline holds secrets from the underworld.

Perfect as a gift for Halloween enthusiasts or those who appreciate gothic style, the Demon Doodle Cat Plush Toy combines darkness and cuteness in a delightful way. Whether you want to display it as a decorative item, snuggle up with it on chilly nights, or simply add a touch of wicked charm to your surroundings, this plush toy is sure to captivate your imagination.

Embrace the supernatural side of cuteness and surprise your friends or loved ones with the Demon Doodle Cat Plush Toy. Let it bring a mischievous and enchanting vibe to your Halloween celebrations or add a touch of gothic flair to any occasion. Get ready to embrace the darkness with this bewitching and adorable companion!

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Doodle Cat Plush Toy

Material: Plush

Size: 40cm/16″

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