Kawaii Cat Anti-Slip Doormats


Add some additional cozy cat-mosphere to your house and prevent people from bringing dirt into your house or apartment by placing one of these Cute Cat Anti-Slip Floor Mats in front of your door where you want people to get their shoes clean. 

Cleaning is a time consuming and tedious task that no one enjoys. So the more important it is you have these Floor Mats most importantly on your front door but they suit purr-fectly well the entrance of your bathroom in order to dry up your feed and not carry all water into the living or other rooms. 

Usually cats cause dirt but in that exceptional case, they will help you to keep your clean. 🙂

Choose from 4 sizes: 

16″x24″ – 40x60cm; 20″x32″ – 50x80cm; 23″x 35″ – 60x90cm; 20″x47″  – 50x120cm


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