Long legged Octopus Plush Toy


This long octopus toy is a nice buddy to chat with on your sofa and he will always be good company. His oddly long tentacles are just dangling about and hanging off the sofa. A squishy plush toy that you can lean on when you indulge on catflix & chill (and some wine…) or when you want some extra padding or a pillow for your bedroom. Loved by little ones and perfect as a gift for friends and family and a very nice decorative element on top of it. :)))

The other quirky undefinable plush buddy who is supposedly a rabbit, is looking forward to hang out with you on your couch for an after work chat. Roger is very charming with his big sparkly open eyes. You surely will have fun together. Get one meow and make your home a more comfy and cuddly place. :O)

Material: PP cotton

Size: 39″/100cm; 79″/200cm

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