Pet Shedding Grooming Gloves For Cats & Dogs

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This glove is the ultimate tool to stop your pet shedding hair all over the place and give a pleasant massage at the same time. The purrfect choice for your cat and dog!

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The five fingers and finger joint design De-shedding Gloves mimic the touch of your hand to massage. Perfect combination of groves and cleaning brush, which is more effective for massage and clean your horse leg, face, ears and tight body contours as well as more flexible for your other operation.


The Grooming Gloves are BPA free. And we are proud of durable made from the high quality material of our Grooming Gloves. The Velcro strap around the wrist is easy to use and tighten or loosen to meet your needs.


The gloves can work as Bathing Gloves, De-shedding Gloves, Massage Gloves, Grooming Gloves, Comb or Brush for Dogs, Cats or other breeds.


Grooming Gloves can improve the intimacy between you and your pets, which helping you naturally build a bond with your animals. They are the best De-shedding gloves for your pets. No matter what how long fur he is or short, dry or wet.


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3 reviews for Pet Shedding Grooming Gloves For Cats & Dogs

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  1. Samanta W.

    Amazing de shedding gloves. I have small hands and the medium gloves fit and work great. My kittens did not like combs or brushes for hair removal, no matter how I worked with them. They are Ragdolls and contrary to written reports they do shed a lot if you do not groom them at least twice a week. These gloves have removed more hair in two short uses from both cats than a comb could hope to looses in two hours of work. The hair peels off nicely if you start from the palms and go to the finger tips. The more hair on the gloves the better it peels off.
    I love them and will be ordering another pair. They are great and the quality is very nice.

    Image #1 from Samanta W.
  2. Tina C.

    These gloves work beautifully. My fur baby loves to have his head and neck carressed or brushed. Beyond that, he isn’t going to have it. These gloves allowed me to brush him from head to the end of his tail and even his belly. I was astonished and pleased to see the amount of loss hair removed, gathered and saved from being strown all over our home. They fit very comfortably on your hands as well. I was torn between these and other options. I’m very happy with my conclusion to order these. I highly recommend them.

    Image #1 from Tina C.
  3. Lacey A.

    I have a german shepard that sheds so much, there is literally hair everywhere. He hates normal brushes and refuses to let me brush him. I have even used the vaccum cleaner hose to remove haor from his body. Then i saw an advertishment for these gloves…thought they were under 20 so lets give it a go. I was amazed at how well these gloves work! Not only that but because its my hands, he lets me do it and doesnt run away from me. Whoch makes my life so much easier!! Less hair in my house makes my allergies sooo happy

    Image #1 from Lacey A.

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