Slouchy Soft Cat Sleeping Bag

$39.95 $24.95

Let your cat comfortably slouch into one of these cute Slouchy Soft Cat Sleeping Bags that features and – yet abstractly – mimic the shape of the cat with its kitten ears on the sides and its soft tail on the back.

The ideal place to let your cast rest and be embraced by the warm soft material. As you as a passionate cat lover and owner know: Cat love these tight and narrow places. That is why they love to jump and stay in carton boxes. 

These Sleeping Bags are purr-fectly tailored for your cat to indulge on their sleeping venture in a narrow space, yet your cat will have enough space to recover its batteries from either hunting or taking another post-nap nap to get a rest from oversleep. 😀

Chosse from 4 different colors and grab yours now, as they are in high demand and selling out fast. Stock is limited and they might be unavailable even by tomorrow.

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