Soft Cat Ear Wool Beanie


 This soft hand-knitted Cat Ear Beanie – with its cat ears sticking up – is the purrfect match to show off your love for cats and get others contemplating about, what they are wearing on their heads. It’s just pure purrsomeness. 

The soft warm Beanie is gentle to your head-skin and protects your against the cold. Become the female emperor on the streets and cause some awe at others, when you’re sublimely walking up with it. You even want to wear it, when you are sweating underneath. Just for the sake of it’s appearance. 

As an alternative Beanie with additional cat accents such as the whiskers and the plushy feline alike cat ears, choose variant Black Cat Knitted Wool Beanie

Christmas and the winter is knocking on your door and if you are not using it to cover your own fragile and cold-sensitive head, buy one or multiple as a gift for your close ones.


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