[Hot Selling] Soft Fringy Fleece Dog & Cat Bed Mat

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This Bed Mat is extremely soft and it gives your pet the utmost comfort, due to the soft high-floor fringes and soft fleece materials used. It is meant for indoor use only and gives your pet a warm soothing feeling, when laid up on.  

S – M sizes are rather suitable for smallish pets, whereas the XL size is ideal for big dogs / big pets. Check the size chart down below to buy the right fit for your pet. 🐶 🐱

Choose variant ALL3COLORS and save heaps + claim FREE SHIPPING for orders over $59!

Why this Bed Mat is a MUST HAVE and 🔥hot selling🔥 right now:

✅ It can relieve pain & increase sleeping quality, due to the warm soothing touch this Bed Mat provides.

✅ Durable and easy hand or machine washable

✅ Water-resistant and anti-slip function for a firm hold on your floor & an undisturbed rest  for your beloved pet

✅ The high-floor design makes up a beautiful piece of decoration and looks classy in either your living or bedroom

✅ Works for all pets of any size and kind, not only for cats 🐱 & dogs 🐶

Design inspired by our all-time bestselling Fluffy Marshmallow Cat & Dog Bed

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