Soft Paw Print Cat / Dog Fleece Blankets

$19.95 $10.95

As much as we love our pets and our cats in particular, there is no denying that they make us believe sometimes, that they do not love us as much as we love them, when they come from the outside from an exhausting hunt or playing venture and they bring in some dort, soil, dust or whatever causes you headache when you need to clean it up soon after.

That is why you should get one of these Soft Paw Print Fleece Blankets. To establish a place where your cat can rest on on the floor of on your sofa or may it be for a warm embrace after you got your cat out of the bathtub. 

Or you as a cat lover just find these blankets god damn cute and wanna use them yourself. They can be used for multiple purposes and cater to meet as many needs as purposes served.

Sizes available:  75×50 cm and 100×75 cm


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